Sinkro Scores is a music publisher specialized in contemporary music by Basque composers of 20th and 21st centuries.

Sinkro Scores was born with the commitment to publish and disseminate the unpublished works of the current Basque composers.

Sinkro Scores publishes the general score and individual parts of the orchestral and chamber works, as well as the electronic part of the mixed works, and indications for live performing. The process of elaboration and layout of the scores is supervised by the composers themselves.

The scores containe an introductory text that helps to place the works in epoch and style. We also offer a technical description, instrument list, number of measures and estimated duration of the work. In this way thethe works are interesting for both the musician and the musicologist.

We also offer the possibility to view and download free samples of the scores and audio samples of them, to be able to decide more clearly if you want to acquire the complete work.

Espacio Sinkro is carried out in its technical aspect by the Sinkro Space team, which since 2005 organizes the Bernaola Festival. With 16 references Sinkro Records has become an important subject in the documentation and dissemination of the contemporary Basque repertoire. The Ensemble Sinkro is a reference group, which premieres and interprets new creation Basque music worldwide.

  • Un viento dorado

    In a working session in Gênes (Belgium) with the ensemble eWave, we recorded several effects with the flute: whistle-tones, key noises, wind sounds imitating breathing, animal imitations, etc. It was very suggestive timbre material, but it also contained extremely distinct differences.

    I added the recitation of two texts and various city sounds (traffic noise) and nature sounds (wind, rain, etc.) to these flute materials.

    The first text is an extract from "La transformación" [The transformation] by Pascal Fourvel. The second I took from "The travels" of Marco Polo. The narrators were Jean Marc Chouvel and Diego Sáiz. The narrations are the common thread of the music, and their sequences form several contrasting pictures in the piece.

  • Rosarena

    A song may be too short to be able to describe the feelings that you have for a person.

    Price: € 10.

    If you want to buy, place your order by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send it to you in PDF format as soon as possible.

  • Meditación azul

    It was my interest in the therapeutic power of music and the relationship between high and low frequencies, between colours and sounds, that inspired the title.

    I worked with the violinist Agustí Coma on various technical aspects of the violin for the composition of "Meditación Azul" [Blue meditation]. I wanted to create a human and spiritual piece, prolonging the glissandos like breathing, with a fragile sound that leads to questioning, to the unspoken, towards an inner journey.

  • Lur

    Sound fluid that advances, empowering itselve, getting timbral registers and propousing transformations until it achieves its sound fullness.