Sinkro Scores is a music publisher specialized in contemporary music by Basque composers of 20th and 21st centuries.

Sinkro Scores was born with the commitment to publish and disseminate the unpublished works of the current Basque composers.

Sinkro Scores publishes the general score and individual parts of the orchestral and chamber works, as well as the electronic part of the mixed works, and indications for live performing. The process of elaboration and layout of the scores is supervised by the composers themselves.

The scores containe an introductory text that helps to place the works in epoch and style. We also offer a technical description, instrument list, number of measures and estimated duration of the work. In this way thethe works are interesting for both the musician and the musicologist.

We also offer the possibility to view and download free samples of the scores and audio samples of them, to be able to decide more clearly if you want to acquire the complete work.

Espacio Sinkro is carried out in its technical aspect by the Sinkro Space team, which since 2005 organizes the Bernaola Festival. With 16 references Sinkro Records has become an important subject in the documentation and dissemination of the contemporary Basque repertoire. The Ensemble Sinkro is a reference group, which premieres and interprets new creation Basque music worldwide.

  • Deep Blue

    Deep Blue. This work is intended as a competition between musician and machine, although in reality, the musician is enhanced when merged with technology.

    In 1997, the supercomputer Deep Blue defeats the greatest chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov. What many see as a defeat for mankind, others regard as a further step in the evolution of the species. Among the latter is Ray Kurzweil, a scientist, inventor and renowned futurist, who predicts that by the middle of that century Artificial Intelligence will be so superior to human intelligence that it will be able to perfect itself. This would lead us to a peculiar situation in which changes would happen so fast and so fundamentally that they would represent a rupture in evolution.

  • Igarkizuna

    Igarkizuna is a Basque word that best approximates in meaning to ‘enigma’, ‘puzzle’, ‘riddle’, although it is also commonly employed in another sense as ‘prediction’, ‘guess’, ‘premonition’.

    I have approached the work as a collage of strange sound objects, of a rare beauty, as if found in exotic and inaccessible places, populated by enigmatic personalities with extravagant and contradictory characters. This translates into contrasting sections that quickly follow one another, appearing at different points in the work, like the characters in an opera.

  • Caja de sueños

    The piece is structured in such a way as to juxtapose different well-differentiated parts that form the discourse. The treatment of the instruments, the lines in which pitches and intensities are displayed, define very characteristic fragments. Each fragment is interwoven by links formed by sound elements that are born thanks to the interaction of the instruments; these points of union possess a spatial as well as a temporal logic.

  • El lamento de las dunas

    The title refers to the fascination that in many ways I have always had with the desert. Environments in which the absence of visual and acoustic references, to which we are accustomed, spark our imagination. It is an apparent state of instability that changes our perspective and causes all our senses to be stimulated. They are places for authentic introspection that allow for personal discovery – the incursion into unknown territory. It is a hypnotic landscape, a metaphor of an endless sea where the wind blows and time stands still.