Guillermo Lauzurika

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1968

His training is closely linked to the Vitoria-Gasteiz "Jesús Guridi" School of Music, where he studied composition with Carmelo Bernaola and Antonio Lauzirika, and electroacoustics composition with Alfonso García de la Torre. He completed his training with Salvatore Sciarrino, Mauricio Sotelo, Luis de Pablo, Ramón González Arroyo and as jazz pianist with Iñaki Salvador.

He has worked on numerous creative projects involving composition, improvisation, installations, experimental music, dance, painting and performance. He has been commissioned for compositions for the International Festival of Contemporary Music in Alicante, the Basque Musical Fortnight, Ensems of Valencia, the Bernaola Festival, for institutions such as INAEM (National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music), CDMC (Centre for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music), Artium ( Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art), as well as soloist and group projects such as the Sigma Project, Madrid Brass, Neopercusión, Krater Ensemble, Sinkro Ensemble Space, Baltasar Perelló, Alfonso Gómez and Josetxo Silguero.

As a performer, he has formed part of the "Sinkro Ensemble Space", the "Sirius" experimental music group, and has directed the “Big Band Berri" jazz orchestra. He is currently lecturer of electroacoustic music at the "Musikene" centre for higher education of the Basque Country.

One of the defining characteristics of Guillermo Lauzurika´s work is his extensive knowledge of the electronic tools applied to composition. The multiple elements and stylistic resources used in his compositions are a true testament to his rigorous training in the field of electro-acoustic music. The comprehensive knowledge that he has acquired through his long professional career has allowed him to go into depth in a range of areas of composition and performance. His works allow us to discover a dazzling musical creativity, both in instrumentals as well combined with the strictly electronic factor. While these two strands generally develop parallel to each other, we see them converge and merge with total naturalness in his compositions. This gives way to works that radiate developments and textures with forceful structural content.