Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena

Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1965

Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz in 1965. She studied music composition with Carmelo Bernaola (Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Music, Vitoria) and Franco Donatoni (Scuola Civica, Milan). Composition seminars include: International ferienkurse Für Neue Musik (Darmstadt), IRCAM ,LIEM-CDMC, iMAL (Brussels).

She is a versatile composer, with works commissioned for soloists, symphonic orchestra, theatre, dance, orchestration for film, electroacoustics, and multidiscipli-nary projects. With a very free way treatment of the evolution of sound, her music is presented in gestures and figures, fragmented in a labyrinth of discourse, based on the timbre as a structural element. It is worth emphasising the importance of the use of electronic media as a thought that is reflected in her vocal and instrumental work.

She has featured as a composer and interpreter of several international forums: Festival Bernaola, SINKRO, Quincena Musi-cal, Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea FBBVA, Concierto Inaugural Guggenheim, Musikaste, Circuito Musikagi-leak, Auditorio Nacional, F. Juan March, Auditorio 400, Phonos, KLEM, Shyntése, Sonoimágenes, Visiones Sonoras, Electro-visiones, Fonoteca Nacional, Ecos Urbanos, EMUFest, Elektrophonie, Wealr 09 Fullerton, Festival Musica Viva, Borealis Festival, Musiques & Recherches, Exhibiton ‘Down the Dori’, Open Studio TWS, BKA Theather, Pyramidale Festival, Shiro Oni Exhibition, EAM Festen Frost, ICMC 2015,eviMus, AUDIOR, 7º Musica Electric Nova, Plage Sonore, TONBAND, NYCEM 2017, BIFEM 2017, DME55... It is also worth mentioning her work as artist in residence at various studios and centres for art, ena-bling her to expand her compositional register: Laboratorio LEC (Lisbon), USF/Verfet (Bergen), Studio Alpha VICC (Visby), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo), Shiro Oni (Onishi), ZHdk, ICST (Zurich), and EMS (Stockholm).

She has received commissions and grants from: the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), the Centre for Diffusion of Contemporary Music (CDMC), the Basque Government, Quincena Musical, the Basque Symphony Orchestra (OSE), KREA Contemp rary Expression, the Author Foundation (Fundación Autor), the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS), the Mikel Laboa Chair, the BBVA Foundation, Konstnärsnämnden, ZHdk/Zurich University of the Arts, and the Polish Ministry of Culture.

She teaches Counterpoint and Harmony as a composition speciality at Musikene (Higher School of Music of the Basque Country).