Danba II

Flute, cello, piano, percussion and electronics
Alfonso García de la Torre
Total timing:
  • 10'28"
Pages: 28
Measures: 209
Score: AGarciaDeLaTorre-Danba-II.pdf
Audio: Danba-II-sound.mp3
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Danba II offers an auditory path through the acoustic characteristics of various instruments. It sets out a commitment to each instrument, exploring its timbral characteristics and attempting to dispense with traditional hierarchies. A search for affinities between the qualities of each one, both in timbral aspect and spatial behaviour: frequency height, intensity, timbral-harmonic spectrum, duration, directivity and acoustic environment. The materials occur throughout the piece, sometimes time-shifted to manifest a heterogeneous discourse. The electronics allow sound analysis and processing, re-creating each in an outward and inward path where the sonic result of an instrumental gesture in turn causes a new interpretive treatment.

The work was premiered in the House of Culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville in Montreal (Canada). Ensemble Sinkro.
This work has been edited in colaboration with the Culture Department of the Basque Government.