Deep Blue

Clarinet in Bb and electronics
Guillermo Lauzurika
Total timing:
  • 8'57"
Pages: 8
Measures: 223
Score: GLauzurica-Deep-Blue.pdf
Audio: deep-blue-audio.mp3
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Deep Blue. This work is intended as a competition between musician and machine, although in reality, the musician is enhanced when merged with technology.

In 1997, the supercomputer Deep Blue defeats the greatest chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov. What many see as a defeat for mankind, others regard as a further step in the evolution of the species. Among the latter is Ray Kurzweil, a scientist, inventor and renowned futurist, who predicts that by the middle of that century Artificial Intelligence will be so superior to human intelligence that it will be able to perfect itself. This would lead us to a peculiar situation in which changes would happen so fast and so fundamentally that they would represent a rupture in evolution.

One of his many inventions was the creation in 1987 of the first musical instrument capable of faithfully reproducing the sounds of traditional acoustic instruments. The k250 is the first of many instruments which culminate in the k2600, with which I have composed the electronic part of this work.