El lamento de las dunas

Flute, clarinet, saxo, violoncello, 2 percussionists and electronics
Alfonso García de la Torre
Total timing:
  • 15'50"
Pages: 58
Measures: 326
Score: AGarciaDeLaTorre-El-lamento-de-las-dunas.pdf
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The title refers to the fascination that in many ways I have always had with the desert. Environments in which the absence of visual and acoustic references, to which we are accustomed, spark our imagination. It is an apparent state of instability that changes our perspective and causes all our senses to be stimulated. They are places for authentic introspection that allow for personal discovery – the incursion into unknown territory. It is a hypnotic landscape, a metaphor of an endless sea where the wind blows and time stands still.

The work presents a succession of three sound ecosystems characterised by the way in which different pitches, intensities, timbres and spatialisation interact. Multiple resources are used throughout the piece to create these small sound worlds, seeking contrast within the structural continuity between the different sections. One of the resources used in the elaboration of each fragment toys with density, with the presence/absence of different instrumental materials, showing a discourse that reaches different levels of evolution. The sum of each of the three segments requires active listening, involving temporal memory. The aim is to outline a well-defined boundary in which overall perception makes it possible to inhabit the sound, to be part of an acoustic journey that passes through different stages.