Flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano
Guillermo Lauzurika
Total timing:
  • 10'47"
Pages: 46
Measures: 277
Score: GLauzurica-Igarkizuna.pdf
Audio: Igarkizuna-audio.mp3
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Igarkizuna is a Basque word that best approximates in meaning to ‘enigma’, ‘puzzle’, ‘riddle’, although it is also commonly employed in another sense as ‘prediction’, ‘guess’, ‘premonition’.

I have approached the work as a collage of strange sound objects, of a rare beauty, as if found in exotic and inaccessible places, populated by enigmatic personalities with extravagant and contradictory characters. This translates into contrasting sections that quickly follow one another, appearing at different points in the work, like the characters in an opera.

The most repeated sound object is an ostinato on the piano with the strings muted while the rest of the instruments remain on the borderline between silence and sound. This creates frozen timbral events where any small musical gesture acquires presence and character.