Meditación azul

Sofía Martínez
Total timing:
  • 4'0"
Pages: 2
Measures: 28
Score: SMartinez-Meditacion-azul.pdf
Audio: Meditacion-azul.mp3
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It was my interest in the therapeutic power of music and the relationship between high and low frequencies, between colours and sounds, that inspired the title.

I worked with the violinist Agustí Coma on various technical aspects of the violin for the composition of "Meditación Azul" [Blue meditation]. I wanted to create a human and spiritual piece, prolonging the glissandos like breathing, with a fragile sound that leads to questioning, to the unspoken, towards an inner journey.

The piece was commissioned by the BBVA bank and the premiere was given by violinist Alexandra Greffin-Klein, to whom it is dedicated.