Un viento dorado

4 flutes and electronics
Sofía Martínez
Total timing:
  • 9'40"
Pages: 3
Measures: 28
Score: SMartinez-Un-viento-dorado.pdf
Audio: Un-viento-dorado.mp3
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In a working session in Gênes (Belgium) with the ensemble eWave, we recorded several effects with the flute: whistle-tones, key noises, wind sounds imitating breathing, animal imitations, etc. It was very suggestive timbre material, but it also contained extremely distinct differences.

I added the recitation of two texts and various city sounds (traffic noise) and nature sounds (wind, rain, etc.) to these flute materials.

The first text is an extract from "La transformación" [The transformation] by Pascal Fourvel. The second I took from "The travels" of Marco Polo. The narrators were Jean Marc Chouvel and Diego Sáiz. The narrations are the common thread of the music, and their sequences form several contrasting pictures in the piece.

"Un viento dorado" [A golden wind] is dedicated to my father.
It was a commission from the CDMC. The premiere was performed by the ensemble eWave in the version of the piece for 9 flutes,
and the electronics were created in collaboration with the LIEM and the GRAME.