Tenor sax and electronics
Guillermo Lauzurika
Total timing:
  • 11'2"
Pages: 15
Measures: 211
Score: GLauzurica-Urbia.pdf
Audio: Urbia-sound.mp3
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Urbia represents the idealized place, where one feels especially connected to one´s natural environment, without ceasing to be oneself. The Urbia terrain is a region of outhouses and pastures, surrounded by the Elgea and Aizkorri mountain ranges, the Oltza forest and the San Adrian tunnel that with its ancient causeway connects the lands of Guipuzkoa and Álava, crossing old beech and oak forests, riddled with ancestral dolmens and megaliths, and caves inhabited by goddesses and mythical queens. All of this, the forests, mountains, rocks, and caves, create a magic that makes Urbia a very special place in our land and in our ancestral culture.

Work dedicated to Ana Ortega.
This work has been edited in colaboration with the Culture Department of the Basque Government.