2 pianos and 2 percussions
Guillermo Lauzurika
Total timing:
  • 12'45"
Pages: 67
Measures: 438
Score: GLauzurica-Zatiketa.pdf
Audio: Zatiketa-sound.mp3
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In this work, I set out to fragment the entire maximum scope of piano. An enormous scope is offered by the piano, which I use as a starting point as the entirety of the mosaic that represents its fragmentation. The first and purest fragmentation occurs through the division of its scope in octaves, establishing immediately afterwards the major seventh interval, as the unit of fragmentation for the entire work. These units are shrinking and superimposing, giving rise to different but interrelated structures, forming a great set of sounds, allowing us to say that they share the same genetics. The process of narrowing becomes gradually exacerbates, multiplying the process of fragmentation, until the entire area becomes almost fully saturated. The musical discourse is also fragmented into sections that cater to the nature of each structure, while saving a relationship between the patterns that make it possible to identify the set as part of the same family.

This work is devoted to Alfonso García de la Torre, in recognition of his work as composer and someone revitalising cultural life in Vitoria-Gasteiz and its environs. In the same way as Carmelo Bernaola was in his day, Alfonso is an essential figure for the culture of our city, thanks to the fact that he has brought us the composition and performance of contemporary music.
This work has been edited in colaboration with the Culture Department of the Basque Government.